How to recover the firmness of your skin after breastfeeding

The feeding is a very special time in the lives of women. It is the first of the ways we build the bond with our baby. Certainly a transformative and important stage for us as mothers and to the health of our children.

While it is true that breast skin is stretched, so we bring you information and tips on how to take care before, during and how to recover the skin after feedings.
restore tone and firmness of your breasts after the feeding milk

Skin care from pregnancy:

It is important to begin to protect your skin from pregnancy because here the gland begins to prepare for breastfeeding and your breasts will enlarge. It is possible that ending the pregnancy or after some stretch marks may appear during lactation. The important thing is to start to prevent a moisturizer or anti-stretch marks. Emulsions or lotions with vitamin A elastin, collagen or Calendula can be helpful in preventing stretch marks as both flaccid.

Intensive care for the skin of your breasts during lactation

During lactation the skin stretches and shrinks several times a day as you generate milk for your baby then take it. Be sure to keep hydrated breasts to minimize the effects. Oils moisturizing rosehip or argan, creams with collagen and marigold are the best options. Be careful they do not contain toxic ingredients for your baby.

Vitamins are essential for the health of your skin. Consult your doctor for vitamin supplements to breastfeeding. So will you bring health and beauty to your skin, body and most importantly you will feel strong and healthy to face breastfeeding in excellent condition.

Post-lactation treatments to restore tone and firmness of your breasts

After the feeding you can treat the skin more intensively and better results for your breasts. In principle it is hydrating the skin daily. There are few effective treatments for your skin retightening even to dispel some stretch marks that may have appeared.

Peels : Chemical peels are the treatment of first instance for sagging skin. Begins to erase stretch marks, deeply regenerates the skin and restores tone.

RF : This treatment has been used successfully to regain flaccid or aging skin. Its effect is tension and recovering the collagen fibers that are in the depth of your skin. Its effects are seen after 6 months because it is the time for the collagen to show the effects of regeneration.

Surgery: mastopexy or breast lift is recommended as a last resort. This surgery is used to remove excess skin, also the advice is to begin to recover skin treatments and after them really evaluate whether an intervention is necessary.