Ricky Sarkany collection for spring/summer 2011-2012

Ricky Sarkany collection for spring summer 2011-2012

In the southern hemisphere spring has begun to disappear and the Indian summer is coming. Many of us, fans of the fashion we have already started to prepare to see the collections of the world’s top designers have been presented on the runways in the world.


Ricky Sarkani, perhaps the Argentine designer more global presence, has presented his collection of spring/summer 2011-2012, noted for its variety in footwear and apparel. The summer includes flat shoes, sandals and sandals with a glamorous style are not only ideal for use on the beach, but at an exit on a Saturday night.


Ricky Sarkany collection for spring summer 2011-2012

Now if you want a little more production platforms can use high, very high, shiny, with a wide selection of colors , perfect to complement any outfit. The wooden sandals with very high platforms were also presented at Ricky Sarkani collection for Spring/Summer 2011 2012. Remember that summer is the sign of color, the more colors are your clothes, including shoes more fashionable.


Ricky Sarkany collection for spring summer 2011-2012

Maria Eugenia Suarez was the face of this presentation, showing a very sexy and revealing side which is the idea of this collection. Ricky Sarkani shows that you can be comfortable while sexy and feminine.

Purses and handbags could not miss this collection is a perfect complement for today’s woman. When combined with sandals or shoes, too colorful, the collection aims to highlight the vitality and joy of being female.

Something that stands in the collection of Ricky Sarkani is the high quality of materials, real leather, wood class, buckles finely crafted and the best selection of colors that will not fade over time.

The colors and brightness are the hallmark of this spring/summer collection. If you like sober and classic colors, you should keep trying little by little, the fun and lively collection of Ricky Sarkani who know how to combine clothing, footwear and handbags in the style without losing the glamor and sensuality conveyed in each of their campaigns.

This spring summer season is just to show off your new self. Dare to be different, use high platform sandals, bright colors and eye-catching large bags to highlight your sensuality. If you feel identified with this position this spring/summer collection is right for you.