Roberto Cavalli Fall winter shoes 2013

Robeto Cavalli Shoes for Fall Winter 2013 luxurious booties

Roberto Cavalli has launched her new shoe collection for autumn-winter 2013. Honestly this designer line itself that love at first sight, the luxury brand has been able to offer truly spectacular options that never fail to create a strong impact who appreciates them.

The new collection of Roberto Cavalli, this time, leaves no room for minimalism and there are marked differences in the collections of previous years, as for example the quasi replacement for traditional animal print snakeskin texture and prints with artistic details very striking.

new shoe collection for autumn-winter 2013

Shoes of Roberto Cavalli Fall/Winter 2013 are exquisitely modern, high heels on all models and flowing hard sex appeal. The versatility also has its place in the collection as well as the popular combination of gold and black and faux leather texture snake skin.

Robeto Cavalli Shoes for Fall Winter 2013 are neatly divided into two categories: those pointy stilettos and luxurious booties, but most striking of this line are the prints of abstract drawings that resemble strokes of a skilled artist.

The designer used a palette of colors ranging from white to blue through red, green, fuchsia and orange but always on a black tone leather.

In this new online accounts defined splendid winter footwear is ideal if you want to purchase excel in a meeting because they have great visual impact without doubt that steals all the attention without much effort.

Here is a picture gallery of Roberto Cavalli designs shoes for the European autumn, which you will see on this side of the world just next year. Enjoy!