Secrets of professional makeup: foundation and concealer

Secrets of professional makeup: foundation and concealer to disguise the face

The makeup of the face is one of the fundamental steps to enhance the skin , correct imperfections. There are different textures base, different finishes, sunscreen, with anti-aging treatment, liquid, cream, compact, etc. In addition to the base also have the benefits of prebase, concealer and loose powder. In this note I’ll tell you how to use each to make the most possible.

In the beginning you should prepare the skin, is a key for makeup look really happened. The skin preparation should include cleansing and moisturizing basically, but we can take better advantage with a mask to give more brightness and softness to the skin. Hydration should not neglect it because otherwise your skin absorbs irregularly moisturizing base of your makeup and your skin stay with uneven textures.

Secrets of professional makeup: foundation and concealer to disguise the face

Makeup tips for face
Mix the base with moisturizer is an easy way for a light coverage , if you need a fresh and natural makeup is a practical option.

To achieve greater coverage in a small bowl mix your liquid foundation with loose powder Be careful not to add too much because it hardens.

The toilet paper or tissue wipes work great as blotters to remove excess brightness in the area T. Remember not drag, rests gently and let the paper absorb.

For a luminous skin effect , mix your loose powder with a shadow gold color or pearly white. Effect unique glow.

If you have very oily skin and do not have a mattifying treatment only applies a little cornstarch on the skin before foundation.

To choose the right shade of foundation, concealer, etc. must match the inner arm, not the back of his hand.

Makeup products for the face

Prebase : It is a good choice when you want to increase the duration, matificar and fade wrinkles or pores. It is then applied moisturizer.
Creamy Makeup Base : are indicated for dry skin or dry or winter climates.
Fluid foundation : suit all skin types and climates.
Base Compact Makeup : are ideal for summer when the skin perspires more. They have a more translucent and less fluid cubritivo that effect, with a velvet finish. It is indicated for skin with fat trend.
Corrector : concealer is more dense than the foundation, usually has a slightly clearer and brighter than the base tone. It is applied to dark circles, blemishes or highlighter to give a feeling of light and volume.
Loose powder : the loose powder is then applied to the fluid or cream base. We bring a velvet finish, while acting as fixing and decrease in brightness area.