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How to put together an outfit in colors for summer

There started hot days and have nothing better to celebrate this with a colored outfit, much, much color. The vibrant hues are able to bring joy and happiness and help create an attractive, feminine and seductive look.

While color and fashion are an explosive combination, especially during the warmer seasons, when it comes to combining different shades there is always a possibility that can go wrong.

Many colors come in different shades that may or may not coincide with other colors, so when you create the outfit have to pay attention to your choice, because this is an essential and crucial step.

Normally, when a large number of colors is best to choose shades that are alive or worn tones then combine with other details used. Therefore, a perfect outfit can be made with bleached appearance and wearing neon colored accents on accessories.

Many colors come in different shades that may or may not coincide with other colors

To succeed you have to find a perfect balance. A look should be enough to make it pleasing to the eye color, usually brightly colored mixtures can be much nicer if a single element of light and neutral color is added.

The intense color can wear on shoes and accessories, look much easier to get and customize. Platforms or high heels, bracelets and a bag are all the accessories you need when you want to dress in bright colors.

Garments with patterned fabrics in colors are fabulous but difficult to combine. If you opt for a short skirt or color printed fabric, smooth and looking for something to wear neutral colored top, a shirt of semi-transparent chiffon is a good choice.

The designers have created gorgeous fashion collections colors for the season spring summer 2013/14. Striped printed in colors, emerald green and other ranges, the African violet, deep red, orange and coral, blue or cobalt, lime, among many others, are some of the tones that are carried over this season.

I leave you with a photo gallery of fabulous looks for summer color, cheer to shine!

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