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Every day new trends and original forms of makeup appear on social networks like instagram or youtube. The latest is the silicone sponge, a sponge made of silicone that will help you in the routine of makeup, specifically in the application of the base and concealers.

silisponge, commercial name, no makeup is wasted, you can use both liquid and compact makeup

Its main advantages are that thanks to its material of manufacture, does not stain, helps to extend the makeup with greater uniformity and with it we can achieve a natural and luminous finishes. Also it is necessary to emphasize its easy sanitization, since unlike the sponge, that absorbs the makeup and always remains in its interior, the silicone allows to wash with water and soap avoiding any type of rest that soon would harm our skin.

Its use of is becoming viral thanks to the numerous people who are willing to teach in their own face the result of the application with silicone sponge. Do not miss the following video in which they show it to you:

A well-known Hong Kong-based cosmetics company was the first to launch the product in its online sales and for the moment its success in sales is more than proven, although there are also, and they are seen, some other Detractor.

At its cheap price are joined some advantages that the company is responsible for listing on its website:

With the silicone sponge, no makeup is wasted, you can use both liquid and compact makeup, use less amount and you can apply the base, concealer and even flushing. Its duration is greater than that of a normal sponge and for professionals brings a great advantage, its total sanitation.

Do you dare to try it? Surf a little on social networks and you will see the furor that is causing your innovative material for the application of makeup.

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