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Six tricks that do work to rejuvenate the look

To rejuvenate the look, lashes are essential. A person looks much younger if he has curly eyelashes and lots of it
The struggle to stop the passage of time and look more and more young is one of the battles of many women every day. The makeup and, specifically, a series of tricks are great allies to achieve it, since they allow to appear less years. On this occasion, we will focus on the look because it is one of the most important parts of the face of women and in which the passage of time is most noticeable. But with these tips , you will rejuvenate the look.

To rejuvenate the look, one of the best trick there is to camouflage the dark circles and bags. In the case of the first, it is important to disguise those circles of brown or violet tone under the eyes with the help of a corrector , which also provides light in this area.

As for the bags , apart from following treatments with specific creams, it is key to reduce inflammation by resorting to very effective natural remedies, such as placing fresh slices of cucumber or potato, as well as tea or chamomile bags moistened with water that is very cold.

Another trick to rejuvenate the look is to use a white pencil . It is enough to apply a small touch on the tear . With this simple gesture, more vividness is added to the look and the signs of fatigue are eliminated.

The illuminator is another key product. In this case, it is also convenient to put a little on the lacrimal so that the eyes stand out. In addition, you have to give another touch under the arch of the eyebrow to raise the look and under the lower lashes.


To rejuvenate the look, lashes are essential. A person looks much younger if he has curly eyelashes and lots of it . This can be achieved with the help of curlers and extra volume masks and also help to curl and curl the eyelashes. In addition, this in turn achieves a much more expressive look.


The eyebrows is another point that you have to pay attention to look younger. Here the key is that they are thick because it will make the eyes look bigger and also more expressive and alive as when you are young.

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