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Smartwatches to get fit: Technology for Training

The fury of running around the world began to give visibility to the growing need for runners and anyone who exercises an amateur, assistive devices that serve health (such as heart monitors) and also training . The world of applications for smartphones and offers virtual trainers, exercise programs, music and everything you need to raise endorphins and make physical activity a much more pleasurable. But there is also room for technology whether it be our own “coach” through smart watches that serve much more than look at the time.

The world of amateur sport every day relies more on smart devices to incorporate into your workout routine . If one does not have a personal trainer, nothing beats having to hand everything you need for recreation and motivation of the time, like music, exercise guidelines, training programs, among others. It is also important to analyze the progress and keep track of them using GPS to see distances, step counters, etc. All data can then also be downloaded on the computer.

Another important and not less detail is the athlete’s health, although take regular medical checks, each time it is submitted to the requirement of physical activity needs to control his pulse and heart rate not overtired.

All that until recently was possible only for elite athletes. Today it is open to anyone with a single device, the intelligent clock or SmartWatch as it is known in all latitudes. Most brands of sports and technology already have your model that has various applications according to the activity undertaken.

new Apple Watch and its possible applications in fitness, is what most expected to be fierce for next year when it launches

Advantages of using a SmartWatch

Comfort: are small and comfortable to wear. They are not huge so you are good to all people, men and women alike. Your weight hovering around 100 grams and its dimensions similar to those of a large clock.

Design: adapt to any style and are cute to wear every day, not just when doing sports. There are in various shapes, colors and textures.

Marcan objectives: they are ideal for controlling all levels of effort without looking at the screen too ally. At all times while sport is performed, report almost everything at the same time, indicated time, heart rate, calories burned, travel, steps, etc.

More and better training: some watches in addition to collecting information also propose challenges based on levels that we carried. This is ideal for advancing the difficulty and set new goals.

The best personal trainer: a ctĂșan as such because they guide and monitor when exercising. Have alarms that warn when overexertion and stimulate activity levels drop.

Health: all data collected watch accumulate and guerdan. They can be downloaded from the computer to keep important records in all routine and effort, calories, time, distance, level of fatigue, etc.

Models, types and characteristics SmartWatch

The types of watches, brands and designs are also different in terms of price and quantity and functions to fulfill, as bluetooth, wifi, GPS, mp3, call management, social networks, etc. Therefore the choice depends on what one would go for.

The new Apple Watch and its possible applications in fitness, is what most expected to be fierce for next year when it launches. Unique and revolutionary design, the display is a multifunction device that allows you to zoom, scroll and select without obscuring the screen with your finger. Quickly access the apps and has many more features than a watch. It is complemented perfectly with the phone but also provides the most complete information of daily physical activity because not only measures movements in quantitative terms, but also analyzes the quality and frequency of movement. Shows progress and motivates you to not sit so long and exercise more.

Run Smart miCoach Adidas of: combining training functions in real time and analyzes performance data to propose custom plans tailored to the rhythms of the user.

Nike + SportWatch: measures the distance, intensity and heart rate monitors while counting calories burned running sessions. It also gives different options and proposals for training plans tailored. It is ideal for this activity.

Samsung Gear: in two versions. For the more classic, the Gear 2 Neo R381 and they prefer a smaller version, the Fit Gear R350. Both also have different applications, including that of a personal trainer to help you get fit as the state with customized plans and increasing intensity as progress is achieved.

The types of watches, brands and designs are also different in terms of price and quantity and functions to fulfill

Polar V800: ideal for various sports with the same smartwatch. It is suitable for the practice of both running and cycling, swimming and skiing.

These small watches are great allies to move the body of her own and making personal trainer controlling our activity while motivating exercise ourselves more. They are ideal for sports without depending on anybody, but also do so in a responsible manner supplement our body.

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