Sports sandals: Features & Characteristics

If you are looking for sports sandals it may be for many reasons. Would you rather go comfortable during the summer? Have you had any problem in your foot that prevents you from wearing sandals with little heels? Whatever your reason, today we propose several sports sandals to walk around the city.

What are sports sandals

Sports sandals are open sports shoes. And as such, they are made of new materials and technology that will make your footprints more comfortable.

Podiatrists claim that wearing high heels causes ankle problems and confirms that wearing sports sandals is the best option for summer. Additionally, they add that neither wedges nor flip flops are a valid option.

Features of sports sandals

Now, we list the characteristics that sports sandals have:

  • Sole of several components, that is, layers of different properties
  • They contain high ventilation, that is, materials that favor sweat perspiration
  • It is a shoe that adapts perfectly to the foot

Why wear sports sandals in summer

First of all, you should know that sports sandals, in addition to making your steps more comfortable, are fashionable . In addition, there is a wide range of possibilities to choose between all sports sandals , your favorite. One of the big fears when deciding on sports sandals, is to think that they don’t match your style. Maybe, a couple of years ago, you didn’t have the opportunity to dress stylishly with sports sandals.

Additionally, recently, a study that showed the following came to light:

Women who wear high heels regularly are at risk of permanently damaging their ankles. To a large extent, this devastating study has made that, in the market, we find other solutions such as sports sandals , low shoes and another series of shoes beyond heeled sandals.

Podiatrists recommendation

Podiatrists claim that wearing high heels causes ankle problems and confirms that wearing sports sandals is the best option for summer. Additionally, they add that neither wedges nor flip flops are a valid option.

Why is it bad to wear flip flops and wedges?

Wearing flip flops causes long-term infections even permanent lameness. At this point, podiatrists agree that wearing flip flops can cause plantar fasciitis, acute inflammation of the sole of the foot.

Sports sandals vs heeled sandals

Below, we list the main advantages of wearing sports sandals instead of wearing heeled sandals.

  • Feet more protected thanks to greater support
  • Tread with greater comfort, thanks to a sole that best suits your feet
  • Valid for both city and countryside
  • There is no risk of slips, by its sole
  • They are more prepared to facilitate perspiration of sweat, with which you will avoid the appearance of fungus and the consequent bad smell of feet

As you can see, in addition to comfort, there are other advantages that you should wear sports sandals before always wearing heeled sandals.

Wear your sport sandals full of style

So far, we have confirmed that sports sandals are the best option for this summer. But do you dare to take them? Surely you have wondered if they are suitable or not to wear at any time. Are they just for a casual look or also for the office? Sometimes, it is good to contrast with what appears on the catwalk. Since, although the creations are more oriented to the show, it is convenient to look at those who really know fashion. Therefore, we want to give you these tips so you can discover how to combine sports sandals to go as stylish as possible.

How to combine sports sandals

Here are some ideas to succeed with your look.


One of the bets of summer, without a doubt, are shorts. But you must be careful. Do not wear too short or sports pants, since your style will be very casual. If you want to get a more dressed look with your sports sandals, bet on knee-length, wide and fabric shorts.


A basic that, despite the fact that stylists repeatedly say that it is a combination destined to fail, always works. Currently, 90% of cowboys are skinny, although, trends indicate that you have to bet, on the contrary. Our recommendation is that you choose a cowboy somewhat wider to the skinny and combine it with sports sandals. Bet on a shirt at the top, to contrast the formal part of the casual sandals.

Wide trousers

Sometimes, and more in summer, you want to wear ample clothes to not spend so much heat. Therefore, we propose the combination of large dress pants with sports sandals. It is a contrast that will help you achieve a sophisticated look while comfortable.

Tweezers pants

Another option seen on the catwalk is to combine sandals with a suit. A totally new look, sophisticated and the latest fashion, which will allow you to take care of your feet like never before.

When to avoid with sports sandals?

There are certain details when it comes to wearing sandals that you should keep in mind. We list them here:

  • Beware of dirt, dust and sand. To avoid this, it is best to buy sports sandals with some sole, so as not to have your feet flush with the ground
  • Look for breathable footwear, and thus help avoid sweat and derived problems such as fungus
  • Hydrate your feet both in the morning and at night. It is important to take care of them not only so that they look healthier, but so that they are.

Where to buy sports sandals

Finally, we recommend a series of sandals with which you will succeed this summer. They are not the typical mountain sandals to use, but they are somewhat more stylish, so you can use them both for city and for the field. We hope you found this article interesting. Do you dare to buy your sandals this summer? Tell us in a comment if this new trend that has come to stay convinces you or not. Thank you very much for choosing us.