Spring Summer Trends 2011-2012 in shoes


This Spring-Summer 2011-2012 season is loaded with color, glamour, originality and forefront material of shoes. The designers have created an almost unlimited range of options with which you can get the shoes that you both really want it out there for every time.

Spring Summer Trends 2011-2012 in shoes
The trend in footwear fashion for this year is as varied in models such as colors, combinations, textures and fixtures; stores really find anything and almost all of them. I invite you to take a virtual tour for more shoes models here.

Spring Summer Trends 2011-2012 in shoes
The colors of the season

This year’s color palette in terms of footwear is more extensive, the proposals range from shades of nude, to the classic black, white, brown and sole to flow into the red, orange, green, blue, colorful prints and incredible combinations.



This type of footwear is present in almost all models, towering platforms that favor women are lower in different materials like cork, jute, wood, plastic … and also with prints, different colors and textures.

This footwear plus add a few inches to the height, stylized legs and offers absolute comfort. It can be worn with casual attire for the day, as well as with more glamorous looks for the night.

Spring Summer Trends 2011-2012 in shoes

A versatile shoe that can be used both in spring and autumn, it’s super combined with skirts, dresses or pants for day to night. Definitely the booties are a complement you should not miss it.


Laced up shoes

They have long since a couple of years, many models come in myriad styles perfect for all, you can wear with dresses, skirts or pants, you can get them with or without an encoder, or boots as Chatito, as well as open toe , half open or fully closed.



The dancers are a basic or chatita summer, as well as being comfortable, versatile and combine with any casual look. Indispensable to working hours and days of walking, you can get them smooth, openwork, with all fixtures and materials printed.



Despite the heat they are still being useful in the spring nights where the temperature is still not very high. There are very good in rockers and casual looks.