Different styles with same dress for the holidays

Having an item for each event in a time of festivities can be quite expensive and really not possible for many of you. At this time of year abound goodbyes, office celebrations, family dinners and have a dress for every situation is not within reach of every budget.

If you want to look gorgeous at every event (which does not go the same people) you can buy a versatile and creative dress with ways to change it, so in this post I suggest putting three different twists to the same garment.

One dress, three styles for the holidays

The dress
The chic simplicity can be easily carried in various directions, the ideal is to make a nice short black dress versatile and feminine but not revealing.

Night meeting

Look office farewell

In the office party you want to look professional but with a festive look and not overly formal, so add a thin belt to the dress, a kimono sleeves, a summer blazer or a jean jacket, a major jewelry and good heels. Do not forget the makeup, this also affects the image.

Night meeting

Choose eye-catching accessories such as a flashy jewelry in vivid colors or brightness to cut with black, which combine in tone shoes and a good bag or envelope.

Farewell party or Christmas night

Much like the outfit of the evening meeting, the Christmas look has to have the glamor of metallic luster, use a maxi bracelet in gold or combined with another solid tone, well flashy heels and a pair of earrings with a dazzling good on or wallet to carry the essentials.

To be able to give you a better idea of how to look at each of the meetings that you attend and always be divine, I leave a photo gallery with some options of different looks for the same dress.