Stylish bridal shoes by Louboutin

If you’re a modern bride with great fashion sense, this new shoe collection is definitely for you. The trend leaves aside traditional ways, to give it a more extravagant your shoes on your wedding day.

style of footwear for brides

In this proposal, the shoes are not white the only option, since now there are a variety of tones you can use, with highlights and trim large platforms, high heels and metallic shades.

Louboutin Proposals

Renowned shoe designer Christian Louboutin has implemented a style of footwear for brides very original, with studs on the front, this innovative design is ideal for girls with a strong personality.

high heels and metallic shades

Other models are elegant high-heeled, where creativity has no limits, because there are plenty of designs, from those points, even those who emulate have water inside.

Designs to choose from

The proposal also includes common sandals, but with pastel florals, perfect for brides quieter and tender. Among the colors that stand out are the champagne-colored satin, the pink and silver.

style of footwear for brides

The ornaments are a must, as is the case with the laces at the ankle and the indispensable pearls to match the dress and diamonds that give an air of glamor to your footwear. The cost of these beautiful shoes range from 625 euros, a fair price to look beautiful and fashionable at the ceremony.