• A good way to wear different jeans and be fashionable, they are also super-combined tones with almost every style
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    Jeans fashion for fall

    The jeans are increasingly moving away from traditional blue trends simple and boring to become the center of attention for a look both day and night. From sequins to leather appliques are some of the most striking trends presented for this fall season. In this post you commented on of the most beautiful, glamorous and fashionistas who come for cold days. Jeans fashion for fall Pay attention and notes about these trends to look fashionable and gorgeous at all times. Printed Jeans It was something in the summer, but this trend remains in place for the cold season. This fall will be quite interesting jeans with prints like floral, geometric…

  • it is reasonable to assume that many use jeans and shirt or even t-shirt for men
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    How To Dress To Go To Work

    The clothes do not make the hand of course but in modern society taking care of your look is important and meet the challenges at every critical opportunity. Today we go on to analyze how you should dress up to go to work. First you need to understand what an atmosphere characterizes your work. If you work in an office, for example, now try to understand what the style of your colleagues is, style usually reflects the company philosophy. If you work in a young and dynamic sector, for example, it is reasonable to assume that many use jeans and shirt or even t-shirt for men, and jeans and dresses…