Teas and beverages to burn fat and lose weight

The infusions within the nutritional regime allies are very convenient. In itself that serve snacks and to whet the appetite while keeping your metabolism running as have some calories.

Some teas and smoothies have enhanced slimming, because somehow accelerate the metabolism of lipids or glucose. Let’s see which ones help us lose weight .

Green tea

Green tea is wonderful to see where it has several beneficial antioxidant properties both in question as to speed metabolism. It is also used to prevent fluid retention, detoxification and immune enhancer.

The purifying green smoothie is made with celery

Hot water with lemon

Lemon juice is good for burning fat. Would be consumed with hot water in the morning on a daily basis. Lemon contains vitamins C, B6, B8 and Omega-3. Added to that is a good liver protector, which ensures the smooth functioning of this important organ that forms a fundamental part of the digestive process.

Cinnamon lowers cholesterol levels in the system

Green Smoothie

The purifying green smoothie is made with celery, spinach leaves, parsley, apple peel, lemon juice and cucumber. It is detoxifying, it releases water retention and burning fat.

Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon lowers cholesterol levels in the system. Moreover reduces glucose levels, so it is recommended to drink it after meals and sweet desserts to avoid accumulating fat.