The best antioxidants to restore skin

If by now and the holidays are over and it’s back to the usual routine then it’s time to start thinking about the skin and return it as its best. The sun, heat, sea and tanning make the dermis lose many nutrients and far from being gorgeous is opaque and flakes off easily. The excesses of the sun on the skin are noticed, she looks dull, lifeless and this is because it has lost its optimum level of hydration. Then it’s back to the treatments of the year, either slowly at home or to care more Deep in the heart of beauty .

The very good and there are different, specific for each problem, softer or intense

The time to return to the original skin health is never on vacation, rather that is when all the setbacks occur and tanning stiffens the dermis. At the back there that slowly begin to provide everything lost, hydration, nutrients, etc. Is key then start with revitalizing cosmetics , which has strong active ingredients and relive the most of the skin.

Besides the little care that we have given in the holidays, the problem can be compounded if you are dehydrated, stains, freckles, wrinkles, lack of light and thickening of the dermal layer.

Here then have to attack several fronts and for that the best option is the antioxidants that are responsible for repairing all damage to cells that form the skin. The very good and there are different, specific for each problem, softer or intense, but they all work powerfully and are in creams specific or greater concentration used in beauty treatments.

The best antioxidants

Retinol (or Vitamin A) is a broad-spectrum ingredient that helps reduce fine lines and skin imperfections. It is also widely used to unify skin tone. It is the best choice for skin with , creases because the fill. It is strong, so it does not usually get along with very sensitive skin.

Resveratrol: a plant asset that comes from the grape (from the branches of the vine). Among its benefits stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to, fold the dermal density and inhibits free radicals. It is ideal for sensitive skin because it is not as aggressive on the skin, but gives immediate results, you need a longer treatment time . It is very suitable for young skin where the first signs of aging appear.

Vitamin C: This ascorbic acid is an ingredient widely used regain vitality and light skin. Also helps cells to combat oxidative stress. Da light skin, clear blemishes and greatly improves acne. Quick results is key to regaining vitality and improve skin surface.

Goji: The Goji berry fruit has been widely used for thousands of years in traditional Tibetan and Chinese medicine for its extraordinary health benefits. It is a great antioxidant that gives health to the skin, cleansing, tonificándola and also takes away the typical fatigue from too much sun. It applies in concentrates in the face always prepared by professionals cosmiatr. This treatment also can be used before the holidays as a preventative.

Any of these ingredients can be found in creams for daily use, its high amount of active ingredient is given according to whether it is a cream prescribed by a dermatologist, is counter or aesthetic use in specialized classrooms. According to age and skin damage is choosing which is more effective and applied that way.