The best cosmetic treatments for all skin types

The cosmetic treatments must be appropriate to the type of skin , since in this treatment success based. While most people rely on the criterion of cosmetologist, it is worth knowing what kind of treatments are indicated cabinet. In this post I explain what the best cosmetic treatments for each skin type, so that you can ensure the best results for your skin.

Normal skin

Almost nobody has a normal skin, but broadly speaking we can say that it is great skins that have no skin problems.
These skins need a classic facial consisting of cleansing milk cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing with a cream for all skin types.
The best treatments for sensitive skin use hypoallergenic products without fragrance or irritating

Dry skin

This skin needs water, and often have problems with exfoliation. The peels that can be used are the enzyme as they provide excellent results without drying the skin. The oxygen facials are another excellent choice, as they help to improve circulation and keep the skin hydrated. You can also opt for face masks with antioxidants DMAE, with good facial serum applied before to increase the level of absorption.

Oily skin

In these cases the more potent than enzymatic chemical peels, such as salicylic, glycolic acid. The galvanic current treatments are also effective for treating oily skin.

Combination skin

In this case we must treat problem areas separately. Chemical peels are ideal, like LED light therapy for enlarged pores. We also recommend microdermabrasion and always at the end of treatment, a moisturizing mask.

Sensitive or reactive skin

The best treatments for sensitive skin use hypoallergenic products without fragrance or irritating.
Peels can only be the enzyme as they are the most delicate, and always after there to put a calming mask reduces redness.
The creamy facial masks extract chamomile, arnica extract coconut are indicated.

Acne prone skin

A thorough cleaning is a must, and clay masks can help remove impurities from the skin. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion are also effective, but more suitable for treating acne options include blue light therapy, therapy with heat energy (LHE) and pulsed light.

Blemished skin

The best treatments for skin blemishes are the depigmentation chemical peeling, pulsed light (IPL) and masks with antioxidants. The home treatment include the use of sunscreen all day, avoid sunbathing and creams night with AHAS.