The danger of using coloring pencils makeup

Coloring pencils and markers sold in bookstores have a specific use and is to draw or paint on paper or other media of artistic type. They never, ever should be placed on the skin because they cause adverse reactions and really have not been formulated for this use. Some even warn that are toxic if they reach the mouth. Yet more and transgression may have become used as fashion makeup eyes and mouth since according to its users last long on the skin and lowers costs.

Using colored pencils as eyeliner is a terrible idea

Domestic beauty knows no bounds and often surpasses everything possible to incorporate elements of didactic use to beautify the face. And this is what happens with a new trend of using pencils and fiber make-up. This lack of toxicity is what gives flight to this idea of using the supplies as homemade cosmetics. The argument for creating them is that they are highly economical compared to good makeup brands plus it can access an unlimited range of colors so far unused.

They are also shielded by lead labial conventional wax, pigments, moisturizing ingredients and preservatives. And this reemplaza with waxes and wax children with pigment. Adding coconut oil and storing them in the refrigerator the same function, they warn.

Some people use the crayons like an eyeliner, eye or lips. Strong rubbing, wetting them or even heating them a little off all its color where they are preferred. A very dangerous use by physicians as marked in the eyes can be very dangerous. Coloring pencils contain an amount of pigment particle size is not suitable for ocular use, they can damage the retinas and irritate the area much. Mine is made ??of pencils and graphite grease or special clay, very different Khol we know for makeup. They also wear a colored charcoal is not tested in the eye area pigment. Clearly sensitive skin could generate some kind of irritant reaction and / or conjunctivitis or allergic to.

The most extreme in any case is to go through the normal and even worse permanent markers that are highly toxic chemicals, which besides being almost impossible to remove from the skin cause all kinds of side effects such as severe dermatitis s allergies.

Even though this form of making homemade cosmetics has not given bad results to promote them, the logic must prevail over these experiments. Cosmetic or any facial makeup has characteristics of dosage, perfumes and specific components and yet, at times, allergic reactions, dermatitis or eczema are presented. It is obvious then that there is more possibility and suffer side effects to apply non-specific products for the face. The law requires that all cosmetic products undergo strict safety tests for human health that perform chemical experts, knowledge that no one can have in the kitchen of his home.

Then any library product is recommended for manufacturing lipsticks, eyeliners or any other product for makeup. They are not designed, tested or approved for this use by more than toxic. Discourage this trend is imminent and if you want to look more beautiful resort to the specific products that exist in all price range.