The diode laser technology for beauty treatment

The laser, one of the most important advances of modern medicine, made its triumphal entry into the world of aesthetics to become a powerful tool for the future. The latter is the laser diode, which threatens to end once and for all with unsightly varicose veins and liver spots.

The diode laser technology for beauty treatment

Of all the tools that have been built in recent years to the field of aesthetics, the laser takes the cake. Present in all areas of medicine, chair sits in cosmetic surgery for the sake of his power to stop wrinkles, skin spots, tattoos, warts, varicose veins.

The laser could be defined as the spearhead of an evolving technology on all cylinders. The advantages of this sophisticated weapon of the future are many. His speech does not require hospitalization, no scarring and the absence of cuts, bleeding is almost nonexistent. Also generally requires no anesthesia and, although it may cause a change in pigmentation in the treated area, the skin regains its normal color in a short time.

Hitting the Target

Overall, based on directing a beam of monochromatic light and timely information on a given target without damaging surrounding tissues. To remove stains or hair, the target tissue would be the melanin cells water, when combat wrinkles, or hemoglobin, to treat vascular lesions and varicose veins.

The wavelength of the measuring apparatus define the light emitted expressed in nanometers (nm). The higher, deeper in the skin will be introduced. Two types of laser: the continuous wave and pulsed. The first, used for example for removing warts continuously act on a target with the same power at all times. The pulsed, holy hand to sunspots travel throughout the area with high-power short shots.

Laser diode and varices

What is the most innovative diode laser, a high-precision instrument that allows the treatment of vascular lesions and blemishes, and has also revolutionizing waxing. Designed by Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, already has approval from the FDA, U.S. agency responsible for the matter, and the European Community.

The diode laser Light-Sheer very effective on fine and superficial veins. Its miraculous lightning kills spiders facial telangietasias legs, blotches, hair. Upon contact, the hair does not break or explode. Thus, causes no purple, ie gray spots camouflage costing and are maintained for 15 days. Nor hyperpigmentation occurs because its wavelength is poorly absorbed through skin.

Skin spots

Diode lasers also makes white on sunspots or lentigines in a single session. The stains are the result of a massive concentration of melanin. The new tool dark particles absorb melanin and the stain disappears without leaving altered tissues that surround it.

The treatment involves certain doses of pain, who will have to deal with anesthetic cream is rarely used as anesthesia. His healing takes between 8 and 12 days and there is a risk that leave white spots on the treated skin. When the process finishes, remove the skin with a sterile gauze soaked in saline. The person who decides to undergo this technique has not sunbathing preoperatively and three months thereafter.