The disadvantage lists of Contouring technique

Perfect Makeup tips Super-Easy Steps for Looking Flawless

More than one we are delighted with this staining technique and after reading publications and watch video tutorials tried to do it but does not give result. Perhaps by not having the right products or lack of practice, the fact is that although it looks so easy requires large doses of talent to look as perfect as celebrities.

There is more than one reason why this may not work and several solutions you also not to be left out of fashion makeup.

Perfect Makeup tips Super-Easy Steps for Looking Flawless
The contouring makeup is a technique which optically tranasforma facial imperfections by mixing various shades of foundation funds and illuminators. Each post in the right place according to the shape of the face, works for a professional makeup in which the most beautiful features are highlighted and the most glaring imperfections are hidden.

It is so popular that ever recommend makeup artists, celebrities will do is press showing how well his face and fashion bloggers do teach their video tutorials. With so much information available it seems very easy to achieve at home without being very expert.

Its maximum developer is Kim Kardashian who uses it daily to have a perfect face, porcelain, which highlights and illuminates your complexion and looks very beautiful. Is the perfect image of how makeup can befriend infinitely. But obviously it does not own and has a professional makeup contouring your face.

It is a look that certainly favors but when we will never do but never got the result. Why it is ?, perhaps this technique is not the best for one for several reasons:

It can only be done on special occasions as it takes a lot to do so and the face is heavily made up.
The contouring tends to leave the loaded face, unnatural and hard face especially if much product is used.
Many shades of products to do it perfectly are required (even in several tones of bronze are more or less for the season). Hardly any have many at home.
Various brushes and brushes clean sponge more beauty blender or the like to blur if they are liquid products are also needed.
Much illuminating powder can provide a white light in the face that looks particularly at the flash of a photo.
Smudge is the key, if there is no practice that is impossible to achieve the uniform and striped makeup on the face look.
There is a fine line between light and whiten the area, then we must have the right tone.
It is imperative to place lights and shadows to the shape of the face, but if ours does not correspond exactly to oval, round, angular, heart, etc.?

In favor:

We must differentiate between two types of contouring. The celebrity that is an exaggerated makeup to skin look perfect on camera. And one for a special night with a natural but effective contouring only 10 minutes and require far less charging bases.
Liquid foundations make longer the process, unlike the powder solved in a minute. In any case you need to practice and who never leaves the first attempt.
The advantage of powdery products is that they do not mask the skin. To daily apply a dark powder soft stroke with a thick brush along the lines of facial oval and some soft blush. Then in the middle of an illuminating face and ready.
Basics are two colors: one darker than the base (to cover the temples, jaw and nostrils) and a lighter (to light in areas of bone and the top of the cheekbone, the arc eyebrow, the nasal septum and above the lips in the arch).
To avoid buying many products cosmetic brands launched kits with all those shades placed on the same palette as Sculptionary Contouring Cheek Palette Clinique.

With so many difficult issues to resolve, this form of makeup may not be the most convenient and try the patience of anyone. So first of all try several times and does not operate with those who have, it is better to opt for the classic way to use toners with Illuminator at key points of the face (forehead, nose bone, above the cheeks, etc.) .