The essential tips for hair care

The shape of the face is one of the keys to hit the shape of the eyebrows and see us favored
Many times we forget that the hair is alive and that we must periodically provide essential care, which is not always performed well. Many times doubts arise as to how to wash it , what products to use and how often it should be washed. There are three key points for the scalp is in perfect condition, but in which it is easy to make mistakes that can endanger the health of the hair.


Washing is more important than it seems because, if it is done well or with the right products, your balance can be compromised. In order not to damage the hair, one of the most important choices is the shampoo that will be used. In particular, you can find several types . One of them is the sulfate-free shampoos that are suitable for dry or dyed hair because they do not drag the temples so much or alter the color as the sulfates.

In the stores you can also find shampoos with silicones , which help to soften the hair and give it shine, although they can tend to clump more hair and it is also often noticed that the hair gets dirty earlier. The formulas without silicones are, therefore, more recommended for oily hair or with a tendency to greasy because the problem can be accentuated.

Another alternative is anti- hair loss shampoos that are a complement to more specific treatments because they alone are not enough to stop alopecia. And then there are anti-dandruff shampoos , which are usually quite effective. Usually, they are identified because this action is already mentioned in its packaging, although one way to know if they act on dandruff is to look at the composition . If there is zinc pyrithione or it is exfoliating , it will help to solve the problem equally.


And once you have chosen the most suitable shampoo for each type of hair, you have to wash it well and with the appropriate periodicity. Here are many false myths. In fact, hair can be washed all the day or every other day. Although each scalp may have different needs as is the case of fatty. To avoid mistakes, a simple maxim to follow is to wash it whenever it is dirty .

And what to do if you notice that a lot of hair falls out when washing it? Actually, washing the hair does not make it fall anymore. They are hairs that are already detached and that fall with friction and with water . However, if you notice that, in addition to the washing, many hairs remain in the comb, they are fixed on the clothes … you have to consult a specialist to detect possible problems and even diseases.