The Fashion and trends for hats

sexy and natural impression

The hats are accessories that complete luxury and make your own style. In addition to being glamorous, it can be combined perfectly with your clothing to give the final touch.

Many celebrities are already embracing the fashion of hats and no wonder: wear hats is a very strong trend this season. By day by night, hot or cold, choose well and you also join the fashion for hats.

sexy and natural impression

sexy and natural impression

What types of hats you wear?

The Borsalino, which has a masculine touch that makes it special for formal wear. If you are using suits, blazers, straight skirt and black striped shirts, wear a Borsalino will give you a very formal and elegant look.

The sun hats are another option that are used more on special occasions like a wedding. You can try a more informal dress and wear the hat to give a sexy and natural impression, not so formal and sober. Perfect for summer weddings and during the day.


The straw hats with a ribbon around a good alternative to using informal hyper sometimes like when you’re out shopping or walking the dog. It can be used with dresses or jeans and blouses sports that emphasize a good country style.

The mini-sombreros bought a size smaller than your head and wear well-adjusted to it. They are ideal for use in any occasion but especially during the day with a casual look.

Many are afraid to cowboy type hats. They are excellent for use with a good hippie style while others prefer a more “west” and use it with jeans, boots, wide belts and tight shirts.


And do not forget the famous sports caps, essential for use with sports clothes and go to do exercise outdoors such as running or biking.


Finally, if you’re looking for party hats, you also have a wide variety of choice, in fact the Royals in many European countries are characterized by their hats combined with glamorous gowns. Kate Middleton, Max Zorriguieta including actual figures are both day and night combined hats glamosoros well known that stress.