During the summer we repeat a thousand times that this year does not happen, this year I do laser hair removal. And it is that during good weather we wear more shorts, skirts or our bikinis on the beach, and we are always bothered by those small hairs that appear but still cannot be waxed.

To understand why it is the best time of year to start your permanent hair removal treatment, we will briefly explain how a laser works.

Every shot of light we take on the skin is absorbed by melanin. Melanin is present in hair and skin, but what we really want to absorb is the melanin in the hair to cause the destruction of the hair follicle.

laser hair removal

When our skin is tanned, it has a higher concentration of melanin, which makes it a competitor to melanin in the hair (the greater the amount of light absorbed by the skin, the less effective the session is). Also, when the skin absorbs a higher percentage of light, the risk of skin irritation is greater.

In summer to carry out the session you have to stop sunbathing a week before and a week after. This is because if we expose ourselves to the sun a few days before, our skin may be more sensitized than normal even though we do not have sunburn discomfort, if we do the laser the skin will not be in condition and the irritation may be greater. So it is better to keep a few days of caution so as not to damage the skin.

Therefore, our advice is to start the treatment after the summer, when our tan is no longer so intense. So for next summer the amount of hair that we have left to finish will be minimal. It must be borne in mind that it is a treatment that lasts over time since between sessions we will wait for 2 to 3 months depending on the area to be treated, and as we carry out sessions each time we space them more, to wait for the birth hair that we have not yet removed. The number of sessions varies in each person, averaging approximately 6 sessions. Although it is true that it can be extended for more than a year, the first sessions are the most effective and for next summer the amount of remaining hair is minimal with a very slow growth rate.


To start your laser hair removal treatment, at least one month must have passed since the last time you pulled your hair out (tweezing, waxing, electric machine etc.).

The day before your session you should shave with a razor at home, taking care not to irritate the skin (if we do it on the day the risk of irritating the skin is greater).

There are certain medications that are incompatible with performing laser hair removal, so we advise you before the session to inform us of the medication you are taking to avoid adverse effects.

It is very important that the skin is healthy to be able to perform the laser, applying moisturizer the days before and after the session is ideal to keep our skin in the best condition.

Do not expose yourself to the sun or solarium a week before and one after the session and as for self-tanning creams we advise not to apply them 15 days before.

Between sessions the hair must be removed with a blade, the use of wax or tweezers is not recommended.