The most favorable eyebrow shapes for 2019

Women with round faces will be more favored with arched eyebrows with a slightly elevated angle
The eyebrows are a key part of the face along with the eyes and lips. But not all forms are equally favorable. There is always a tendency to talk about how to depilate depending on the placement of the pencils from the nose. However, there are other factors that influence as the type of face you have – there is beyond the typical oval, square or round – the distance of the eyes and the size of the face. Here we give you all the keys so that you know which way is the one that can favor you the most .

Face shape

The shape of the face is one of the keys to hit the shape of the eyebrows and see us favored. In the case of the oval face , the brows that favor the most are those that are rounded or with a slight arch , that is, the angle must be very soft.

In the case of the square face , the shape would be just the opposite, having to accentuate and mark a lot the interior angle to soften the features and look up.¬†Women with round faces will be more favored with arched eyebrows with a slightly elevated angle, that is, as an inverted “V”.

In addition to these face shapes , there are also others that are often not talked about. It is the case of the face with heart shape and elongated face.

In the first case, that is, the face with the shape of a heart , it is best to opt for thin and short eyebrows , in addition to plucking them so that they are gently rounded.

If the face we have is long , the best proposal for the eyebrows is to depilate them straight or flat to achieve a better balance.

Other keys

As we have already mentioned, the ideal shape of the eyebrows not only varies depending on the shape of the face, but also depends on other aspects .

One of them, for example, is the size of the face. In this way, if it is small , it is better that the eyebrows are thin and sparsely populated so that they do not become the center of absolute attention.

In addition, women who have eyes very together , they have to influence the removal of eyebrows to look like they are farther apart.