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The perfect necklace for your type of cleavage

It can be quite difficult to choose a neckline, and more trying to find the right necklace to go with him. If you have no idea how to hit the button in this post I will teach you what necklace models should wear for various type of neckline.

To see the adjustment of wearing ornaments on various type of neckline, visit this site.

Due to the qualities of this cleavage in particular, is to look for a necklace with a strong central focus


This classic neckline is a great way to lengthen the neck and distract attention from broad shoulders, the neckline also makes women look taller and thinner.

Due to the qualities of this cleavage in particular, is to look for a necklace with a strong central focus. This means going for a pendant with chain link or a classic necklace with a pendant that hit in the middle of the sternum.


Finding the perfect necklace for a halter neckline can be difficult. Should be straight and tall, it is best not to use any necklace, but if lower and reveals something of the bust, there may be employed an ornate Cleopatra style.

One shoulder neckline

This is another of the most difficult to combine necklines with a necklace, but can be done. For the same asymmetric neckline, you need to play with collars containing texture and geometric components. What is key is that the collar is at least an inch below the neck.

Scoop Neck

Necklines of all, this is one of the easiest to match with necklaces, because basically looks good with all kinds of jewelry.

Boat neckline

This is a wide neck so it should preferably be combined with a long necklace, but also supports necklaces that reach the base of it, but lost a bit of charm both garments.

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