The simplest ways to reinvent your look

Reinvent the look is simpler than you think. You can achieve a makeover by small details like nails and makeup, clothes everyday… without spending a lot of money. In this post I give you some ideas for you to reinvent your look simple and quick notes:

Make the most of your closet

One of the best ways to reinvent the look is giving new life with new and existing ornaments
Before thinking about shopping, check out your wardrobe and take what you already have.

Surely you have clothes you wear regularly, and a lot of things that do not. Forget the emotional attachment and throws things that just do not add to your style.

You also have to be creative and use new forms of old clothes until you find the best combinations.

Choose a style icon

While there will never copy the look of a celebrity full, one of the best ways to reinvent your look is to find inspiration in a style icon.
Try to make your style icon has a body similar to yours, so you can try a look that really works for you.

Invest in essential items

Buy cheap to always be fashionable clothing, it is not the best alternative because it does not enjoy the benefits of good quality and fit of the well-made clothes.

Try to have a little black dress, a white shirt, a pencil skirt, and a pair of well-tailored pants to combine with cheaper clothes and look like a formidable look that does not look cheap.

Renew your clothes

One of the best ways to reinvent the look is giving new life with new and existing ornaments.

A good hairstyle

If you do not want to completely change your hair, try a new hairstyle and later you can innovate with hair color to go with cutting-edge technology.