Three answers that solve the main questions about your hair

When caring for and treating hair, it is common for many doubts to arise. In large part, they occur because there are many false myths. To avoid them and not have problems with your hair and can shine in all its splendor, here are three very frequent questions or doubts with their correct answers.


One of the main questions is whether iron hair must be used with completely dry or slightly damp hair. It is best that the hair is at least 90% dry before ironing. If you use an iron, but you use a dryer you should also be careful. You should never put the nozzle of the dryer just above the brush because this gesture causes it to occur as a kind of blockage and increased heat, damaging the hair more. There should always be a few centimeters away.

Dyeing hair is sometimes synonymous with loss of brightness and volume


There are people who sweat a lot in bed and this results in the hair getting dirty before. It is a problem that is accompanied by the lack of time at times to be able to wash it. A good trick to avoid it is to apply dry shampoo on the roots before going to bed. This will allow more than enough time for sweat to be absorbed Then, in the morning, you just have to brush your hair well and give a touch with the dryer with cold air so that the hair has vitality.


Dyeing hair is sometimes synonymous with loss of brightness and volume. But it all depends on the choice of dye. It is always better to choose those shades that bring quality to the face such as chestnut and honey blonde because the flat colors do not add shine. In addition, whenever possible, it is better to play with several shades to give more light, apart from giving the hair more volume, although it will only be from an optical point of view. But it is a good trick.