Tips for buying large size footwear shoe in Sale

footwear shoe in Sale

It is about to enter sales time, time to find good deals and discounts but can also lead to small conflicts that may violate your rights as consumers. The information helps to prevent so it is worth remembering that:

footwear shoe in Sale

Always has to be noted the previous price, which has to be the same as it was before the sales. A sale can not raise prices to show that the reduction is much greater.

The product must be the same. They can not have flaws or defects.

For products purchased over the Internet is always possible to return the product without justification for at least 7 working days of receiving it (the store may extend this period). Never mind that the product is discounted or purchased at an outlet, you can always return. Yes, the costs do not have them back because they assume the store, although it can. In this case, you must return the money.

The physical stores do not have to take back a product because we do not like or, if supported, return the money. Make it valid and that it has expiration. Different is if the product is defective, then you talk about security (All new products have 2 years warranty) which is important to keep the receipt to prove that no two years have passed.

The consumer organizations recommend buying sites attached to the Consumer Arbitration System, because it is free to resolve any problems with trading.

These would be some basic tips to consider before sales. A final would be, these days, decide before you go shopping if you need some sandals, boots, moccasins and that avoids impulse buys!

The sale periods are marked by each Autonomous Community, so you may begin or end up on different days depending on location. What is clear is that there can be no sales outside of these periods, there may be other promotions, but no sales.