Bobbi Brown Tips For Eye Makeup With Glasses

The lenses are a must for many and a hot trend this season so they also serve for the advice

If you have marks, scars, acne, blemishes or other defects in the face no problem to make up, let alone be a face that required 24 hour lens. To achieve this and also highlight the look, Bobbi Brown brings a few tips on how eye makeup without overloading the area.

Not all women use (because they do not want, or cannot) contact lenses when you have trouble. The eyeglasses are then always the option and often interfere with the task of makeup.

Increasingly being seen more and better lens designs, with a clear tendency to emphasize the thick, dark frames. In such cases, and the lenses are an object that draws much attention and so you have to know how to beautify the area without exaggeration.

The lenses are a must for many and a hot trend this season so they also serve for the advice

To develop this theme we have taken as a reference to the makeup artist and entrepreneur Bobbi Brown, who has made their cosmetics a trademark of quality and originality.

wears glasses also why there arises concern women, such as her, used almost all the time. They use makeup to look better and it’s good to know how to do to highlight your eyes or make it sexy without being discouraged, because the lens can also reinforce a beautiful image.

This has been the inspiration for a collection of shadows called Tortoise Shell Collection, full of shades to deepen and brighten the look. One of the blades has bolder colors, whereas the other is for women more discreet and do not want to highlight your eyes much. But what really matters in this release is that for the first time takes into account such women and they go these tips.

Lenses and makeup combined

The first thing to notice is that the lenses are what stands in the face and deflect attention on the eyes, so it is the best to make a simple makeup. If eyes are recharged, all this color collide with the frame and the design of the glasses, to be highly exaggerated.

1 – Less is more: It is always better to choose neutral colors for eye shadows and eyeliners. The most striking and bright colors are preferable for the lips, provided that the mount is not a very prominent tone or stamping. In such cases there is only very neutral.

2 – Eyebrows defined: the frame or mount lenses often diverts attention to the eyebrows, making them very visible. So make sure you are well groomed. Always remove or cut the hair rebels and fill the gaps that may have a Lapiz brow powder or shadow of the same color as her hair and using the brush to eyebrows.

3-The eyeliner is essential: when used it is important to adjust the thickness of the line to be makeup. If the frame is very thick, apply a thicker line on the upper lashes to highlight your eyes, instead of the frame there is no more discrete, a finer line than necessary. The important thing is to create a balance between defining and eyes rimmed glasses.

4 – under high magnification lenses: this requirement makes smaller eyes then it is best to completely delineate them. Caring line bordering the upper lash extending around the eye, and the thickness can be increased gradually as it reaches the outer end. For this, use an eyeliner darker than the natural color of the eyes, so it is able to create a perfect contrast that defines them. Also two or three coats of black mascara on the top will help to open your eyes for a more awake and fresh.

5 – If the lens makes the eyes bigger: in this case you must gently apply makeup, and always carefully blend shadows. What is sought is that the lenses do not see any fault largest for eye shadows, better light, neutral tones. The liner must be delicate and fine, and with a single layer of mascara will suffice. The goal is to keep the eye area soft and natural.

The lenses are a must for many and a hot trend this season so they also serve for the advice.

When a face makeup with glasses, not about accumulating layers of makeup, but knowing how to use the products and technical know suitable to combine with eye glasses frame and extras not generate defects.

Finally, never forget to apply concealer to cover dark circles because they can be easily seen through the windows. Furthermore it must be of a finish that will not dry out or cracking.