With certain colors, especially dark, when applying the first layer and after drying it in the lamp, the enamel has retracted from the tip and cuticle
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Tips for permanent enamel: Does it weaken the nails?

A few days ago, I published an entry about what semi-permanent enamel was and a second part is pending in which I would give you some tips to solve the most common problems.
Remember that the advice I give you is from my experience and as I told you before, much of it is based on the error / success binomial, because everyone likes to tell when things go well, but we rarely say how many have gone wrong.

You already know that the best thing is that you put yourself in the hands of professionals, but if you want to do it at home, here are some tips that came in handy for me and above all they will avoid many headaches.

With certain colors, especially dark, when applying the first layer and after drying it in the lamp, the enamel has retracted from the tip and cuticle

Does it weaken the nails?

No. If we apply it correctly, we use good products, we remove them correctly and we do not file the natural nail excessively, we do not weaken the natural nail. You have to keep in mind that we always talk about working with healthy nails.

Why does the enamel sometimes shrink?

With certain colors, especially dark, when applying the first layer and after drying it in the lamp, the enamel has retracted from the tip and cuticle. This sometimes happens with dark colors because they are more pigmented and dense, therefore a bit more difficult to work with. Usually when applying the second coat, they stay in place.
It can also happen when applying excess product, it is better to go from less to more.

The enamel wrinkles especially at the tip, what do I do?

This happens by applying an excess of product, it often happens at the beginning until you get the point of the enamels, especially when using white to make the tip of the French manicure. If we put excess product, when drying, the enamel wrinkles, we solve it by unloading the brush and applying a small amount, as I have said it is better to go from less to more.
Enamel peels off like a sticker.

Well, this can happen for several things.

The most common is that the surface of the nail has not been cleaned well and some residue remains on it. One of the most important steps is the preparation of the natural nail, if we do not do it well, everything we do and put later, will not have good results.
There are people who have oily or very hydrated nails and in addition to removing the shine from the natural nail, we must use primers so that the products we use later, grip well and we do not have lifting problems.
Also, if your hands are in water a lot or the hand sweats excessively, it may happen that the enamel does not hold as long as it should.

There are some enamels that do not finish drying in the lamp, what can I do?

First of all, make sure the lamp is on. It seems silly, but it has happened to me that you hit the button, you put it on with the other hand and you realize that the light has not been turned on. It usually happens especially with those lamps that share the ultraviolet light with a fan to dry normal enamels and you have to choose UV, fan or both.
It can also happen in UV lamps that there is a worn or burnt out bulb, with these lamps you have to change the bulbs every few hours of use. Another thing that can also happen is the power of the lamp. There are 7, 9 or 15W lamps on the market. To give you an idea, professional UV lamps are 36W and for LEDs from 12W it would be fine, it also depends on the quality of the lamp.

Another very important thing is that you make sure to put all your fingers in the lamp, it may seem silly too, but there are lamps for home use in which the thumbs are made separately, since they do not fit. If a piece of finger is left out or the light does not shine well, it will not polymerize and the enamel will not harden.
And above all remember, all enamels dry in UV lamps, but not all are valid for LED lamps. Make sure of the type of enamels that you are going to use, they are compatible with the type of lamp you have. Here you can know more about types of lamps.

The enamel wrinkles especially at the tip, what do I do?

Can brands be mixed?

Yes. Although the manufacturers do not recommend it, but you can use the base of one brand, the color of another and the top coat, sometimes I do it because I like colors from different brands and I have not had problems.

Does permanent polish strengthen natural nails?

No. It is not a strengthener, that’s what Harmony’s Vitagel are for, they are cured in UV or LED lamps and you can use them alone or with color. I do not know if there are more products of this style from other houses, I have only tried the Vitagel Sthength and it works quite well.

How many layers of nail polish can I put on?

The normal thing is a base coat, two layers of color and a layer of top coat, although sometimes with very light enamels, I put three thin layers of color to make it look good.

Why do some colors when put on the nail make like “waters”?

This may be because the enamel has not moved well. These enamels must be moved very well before applying them so that their components are mixed, keep them out of the sunlight and the light of the lamp, so that they do not spoil. If this continues to happen to you, try putting three layers of enamel to cover well.

Can normal colored enamels be used with a permanent top coat?

I have done the test using a normal base coat, then applying a conventional enamel color and finally, applying the permanent final gloss coat and I did not like the result because it does not hold all that it has to endure and with the time it is used , it is not profitable, not to mention that the polish has to be completely dry before putting the final coat, or you will load the manicure.

The Essence brand markets a permanent enamel system that consists of applying the base coat that is dried in a lamp, any of its normal enamel colors and the permanent top coat. Dries in LED lamp. The duration is not two weeks, they say it lasts 10 days, but I can not stand even five, that is already up to everyone’s assessment.

Why can’t I use cotton pads?

The cotton pads release lint and if lint remains on the nail plate and we apply the polish, it is most likely that in the end the polish with lint included will harden and once hardened, there is no one to remove it. Cellulose pads work very well, you can use cotton pads to remove the sticky layer at the end of everything.

It may be that in some ridged or uneven nails, at the end of the process imperfections are noticed, keep in mind that the finish of these enamels is very shiny and smooth. For nails like this, other techniques can be used first.

Enamel has spread on my finger or cuticle, what do I do?

If the product is hardened there is nothing to do, except remove it and start over or leave it like that. If you have a lot of enamel on the sides of your finger, you can carefully file a file and file off the excess product. Before putting your hand in the lamp, remove the excesses well with an orange stick.

This is it, surely things will remain in the pipeline, but these are the most frequently asked questions. If you have any more or any recommendation, I would like you to share it in comments.
As always thank you very much for reading me.

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