Tips for safely using the baby hammock

 Tips for safely using the baby hammockEvery parent cares about the welfare of their children. Therefore, during her upbringing she acquires different items for the comfort of the child, such as bottles, baby’s crib, a hammock, toys, among others. However, the fact of choosing the baby’s accessories can be a headache, since the choice of them should not fall solely on the tastes of the parents, but on the needs of the child.

The needs include the safety of the baby. We must choose and use these accessories correctly, because they can also present risks for babies. We must ensure that the brand complies with all safety standards and many companies emphasize it.

For example, in the case of hammocks, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission together with the Fisher-Price company issued a safety warning about the use of the Rock’n rocking hammock model Play, after ten babies died since 2015 because the hammock had turned over.

This should not make us think that these baby products are not safe, but that we must pay attention to details. That’s why we will give you some tips that you should keep in mind for the safety of your baby.

Hammocks: From when and until when they can be used

The hammocks are a transportable chair with a slightly inclined backrest to place the baby who still does not feel alone. Some have functions of vibration, automatic balancing, and even melodies. It has the advantage that it can be taken to different environments or sites away from home.

Most are suitable for use from birth, due to the inclined or semi-inclined position that babies have. Before buying it, you must ensure that it is approved for use from birth . They can be used up to six months. However, some products, such as Rock’n Play, are not indicated for babies older than three months, because they are able to turn on their own.

Basic Safety Standards

Parents should always follow the instructions for use of the product. They must also always use the restraint system. The baby’s position is always on his back. Do not use additional pads on the side or under the baby, nor add blankets or other items.

When buying it, you should choose a hammock that has a solid and stable structure. Never place it in high places, or on soft or irregular surfaces, since if the baby turns on its own it could fall out of the chair in case it is not well held. You should stop using the hammock according to the age of use and weight recommended by the manufacturers.

Never leave the baby in a hammock without adult supervision.