Tips and precautions for practicing sports in summer

When summer comes, the number of people who care about their physical appearance and begin to play multiplies sports. The fact that many workers take their vacations at this time of year also allows more free time and this gap is filled with physical activity.

However, and without encouraging anyone to give up practicing sports in summer, the truth is that certain precautions must be kept during this time of year, especially because of the high temperatures that are reached.

Here are some basic tips for practicing sports in summer.

Avoid the central hours of the day

Throughout the year you have to maintain a balanced and complete diet and healthy habits

Forget to go jogging between 12 noon and 4 pm. And if possible, if your sport is running, leave it for late afternoon or first thing in the morning. If you are aiming for the gym, it is not so worrying to go between 17 and 19 hours approximately, as many gyms are air conditioned. In the gyms you can practice all kinds of aerobic activities: running, yoga, aerobics, swimming, zumba, dancing, spinning bike …

Light and refreshing meals

A good way to refresh and hydrate is through diet. Throughout the year you have to maintain a balanced and complete diet and healthy habits, but in summer it is especially necessary to bet on light meals and not to take heavy foods and few digestives.

If you are under any particular regime, such as a ketogenic diet, you value this advice in an important way, as a heavy digestion prevents the practice of physical exercise.

Protect yourself from the sun

Practically all of us have already assumed as mandatory that every time we go to the beach or the pool we must protect ourselves from the sun with sun cream. If we do it in such cases, why do not you do it when you play outdoor sports? Apply sun cream on arms, legs and do not forget the neck, nape, face, ears and hands.

If you are going to do sports on the street, do not forget sunglasses and a good cap, and a bottle of water to not dehydrate, although it is much more advisable an isotonic drink.

Comfortable and breathable clothing

One last important tip has to do with the clothes you wear. It is best to wear breathable and comfortable clothing, and with light colors and fresh and light fabrics. If you are going to do sports at night, do not forget reflective clothing to avoid having an accident on the road.