5 Tips to look more handsome

All human beings want to be accepted and noted by the other, this is essential for the self esteem. While men are not openly seek ways to look more handsome, this does not mean that they do not to look more attractive.

No need to be a magazine cover model or an actor to feel and look sexy, many times this happens on the other side as is the personality, the look, confidence, etc.. In this post I share 5 key to make yourself shine much more handsome. Pay attention and get ready to seduce.

Trust in yourself

Have confidence in yourself, because even the best clothes or the most flattering haircut will make you look as good as your own confidence. Others will see you as you sit, so to feel comfortable working with you.

Stand elegantly

The posture is essential for a man (or woman) who wants to look good, and notes that you have confidence in yourself. Always Stand up straight but relaxed, just when you feel.

No need to be a magazine cover model or an actor to feel and look sexy


The smile lights up the face and generates pleasant feelings. There is nothing more attractive than a nice, cheerful and charming because it offers good vibes, gives a sense of confidence and above all attracts women.

Be true to your style

The clothes and the way you use say a lot about yourself and have a great effect on those who perceive. Always be true to your style, it is essential that you feel comfortable in the clothes you wear and that is the right size, not too small or large.

Also note dress according to your age, if you 30 do not dress like you’re 20 years because this shows immaturity, and no woman likes immature man. Pay attention to the looks that lead men to taste dress well and try to adapt to your person.

In case you just can not find the perfect style for you can hire a personal shopper or ask for help from friends or relatives who have a good eye for clothes.


Find the hairstyle that best fits you, does not have to be trendy, but if according to your features. For this consultation with your stylist about what haircut suits you best while flipping through fashion magazines male to help finding the right look.