Tips to make relationship good in first impression

While you know that you should not judge a book by its cover, in human relations is not so easy to follow that premise, because the first time you see a person, not even begin to talk of how to draw conclusions based on their appearance. You do not need to be dressed up all day to make a good first impression, as experts have found that there are certain focal points in an unconscious way you look and that help us form an idea about the person.

make relationship good in first impression

By learning to improve these key points in your favor to make a good first impression, take them into account and use them each time you meet.

What should I improve to make a good impression?

As you know, the first impression is the look you have, so you must refine your taste and keep the following items online.

Shoes: Believe it or not, other people look at the shoes you wear, and I do not mean if they are branded or fashion, but rather the focus is on the adequacy of the shoes and whether or not well maintained. So if you want to create a good first impression try to use a shoe according to your dress and presentable as possible.

Makeup: Wear a little makeup to increase your confidence because you know your face looks just the way you like, and therefore act more safely. But the good idea is to use a subtle makeup that highlights your features, not a thick layer that will make you look like a clown.

Denture: A smile can dispel any tension when you meet someone for the first time, and what better than to have a good dental care to emphasize that quality. One study found that those with teeth care were perceived by others as being happy, intelligent, successful and popular.

Wardrobe: When you dress well according to the occasion and you felt safe and act in accordance with that feeling. No matter if it is a casual dating or a job interview, as appropriate clothing to wear you will feel good about yourself and it will project.

Some rules to follow: no need to show both, as there are clothes that can make you look sexy and feminine yet professional demeanor.

Stance: There is a position which specialists refer to as the ideal to build confidence and have some power over the situation, it is the “expansive approach”. To achieve this you must free your body and being open and shoulders back confidently occupy the space. This posture will make you appear more confident and authoritative.