Tips to prevent hair loss in women

Tips to prevent hair loss in women

Hair loss can occurs due to hormonal causes as well as mistreatment of hair and unhealthy lifestyles. Fortunately it is possible to avoid losing hair, but you need to make a change in your regular routine and provide the necessary care.

Tips to prevent hair loss in women

Tips to prevent hair loss:

Use specific products: washing your hair with shampoo and rinse with nettle or products that prevent hair loss, as when applying tonics or lotions.

Wash your hair properly: it is a myth that favors frequent washing make hair loss, on the contrary, if accumulated sebum in the scalp decreases oxygenation which is harmful. During the massage wash the hull with the fingertips, make two shampoo and then apply the rinse from the ears down, leave it and rinse with warm water.

Dries hair without damaging: where possible without hot air and never rub the hair with the towel to exert great force. If you need to dry your hair with heat, not much punch aproximes hair, or use them in a very high temperature.

Do not abuse chemicals treatment: dyes, perms, relaxers and other chemical treatments alter the remaining hair and vitality when there is an abuse thereof.

Hairstyle: try combing your hair with natural bristle brushes that will not break the hair fiber.

Eat well: food is crucial for healthy hair, so you have to make sure your diet intake of necessary nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteins) for healthy hair. A varied and balanced diet is the key to beautiful hair.