Transdermal patches for the skincare

Not only creams are effective for skin, but there are other ways to give depth treatment at home through the new “transdermal patches”. They are all the rage in the United States and its success is because they are formulated for very specific areas of the face where wrinkles, loss of elasticity, tone and even cellulite, those used in the body are generated. Easy application and excellent results, the patches are the new cosmetic formula that promises to revolutionize the beauty.

Skin Care in patch form is gaining popularity very fast. For those who follow the trends probably will not will find it weird girl with eye patches since it is the new fashions. But it is noteworthy that its effectiveness is very high because these patches have large dose of hyaluronic acid and peptides to minimize crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles. Act directly on the area to try giving continuous effect for several hours.
There are some patches that are of continuous use and last all day, but obviously not for the face
Among its most common ingredients, vitamin C, retoniodes, hyaluronic acid hydrates to fill fine lines immediately, and peptides boost collagen production to smooth lines through time. Also there to other conflict areas like legs and cellulite, which include ingredients like caffeine or carnitine in large doses.

As patches work

To use required to do so at a time that will not go outside for many hours. Ideally night because it is the time when you have more time and relax the skin.

A patch on the skin clean and dry before bed is placed.

At first the feeling is a little uncomfortable as it may be noted the tough patch but with the passing of the hours ingredients into soften and absorb into the skin.

Then the next morning can be removed easily, a massage is given in the area with the rest of the product and the face is washed if necessary. After the usual skin moisturizer will look the effects of a rejuveneceimiento unsurpassed.

There are some patches that are of continuous use and last all day, but obviously not for the face, but are concealed in the skin and give off assets to improve that area of ??localized manner. They can be used and then bathing, exercising, etc.

A skin transdermal patches combines ingredients that fight much better than a topical cream problems. This bandage is filled with hundreds of tiny needles biodegradable painless puncture the top layer of skin and then dissolved in 30 minutes to release its contents.

The effects are instantly but some studies show that continued use is much more effective. At least every other day for 12 weeks to achieve significant reductions in the crow’s feet, for example.

Commercially available patches

Linepatch AnticelulĂ­tico: works for fat reduction mainly localized on hips, buttocks, abdomen, legs, arms, etc. both the epidermis and deeper layers of the skin. The release of its assets is concentrated, sustained and gradual during 24 hours. It is used for 28 days straight, changing the patch every day and lasts all those hours without falling water or sweat.

Shiseido Patches: can only be used two to three times a week, avoid the sun and you are not using another product bearing Retinol. They are specific to the eye area, are placed on the outside corner, and after 15 minutes the treatment is complete.

Technology at the service of beauty comes with these patches used to administer treatments that would otherwise require an injection to enhance the absorption of anti-aging compounds. They are counter and is the best that can be used at home whenever needed, with low cost and high efficiency.