Tips to have a silky skin: Treat Your Skin to Something Better

Tips to have a silky skin
Many times tend to take care of the skin of the face, but it is common that the body is not given so many attentions . And it is a mistake because the years also go through it and require specific care to be silky and soft to the touch. Here we tell you the best tips for you to get it.


The skin of the body also exfoliates . Today, there are several options, it being possible to do this ritual in the shower after moistening the skin a bit to apply the exfoliant afterwards, or dry with the terrycloth mittens or exfoliating brushes of natural bristles with which you massage all the body skin to remove dead cells. A process that helps to make it silky and that is convenient to do at least once or twice a month.


The bath or shower is a moment that must be done with care because it can damage the skin. The temperature is one of the keys, ensuring that the water does not exceed 36 degrees Celsius in order to keep it moist and vasodilation of the capillaries that promotes entry facilitate nutrients . It is important never to exceed 38 degrees Celsius.

In the bathroom, it is convenient to use salts or soaps that make foam, as well as essential oils that hydrate, be anti-aging, regenerate … Although being in the bathtub is pleasant, it is never good to be inside the water for more than 15 minutes.

Silky skin

The shower or bath is the ideal time to roll a roller and mobilize fats in order to eliminate cellulite or delay its appearance. Likewise, you should soften the hardness you have, for example, in feet and elbows, apart from applying masks at the neckline or areas where the skin is more sensitive.

You can do this process once a week. And, what advice can be followed daily? In the fast shower, it is best to use a bath gel that is creamy and that restores the pH of the skin.

After the bath

After the shower or bath, you have to hydrate the skin well. A good option is vegetable oils -they are dry if you do not want a fatty touch-, which spread with the dermis slightly moist.

Another alternative is the moisturizing lotion , even if there are already in spray , whose application is very fast and also effective. Anyway, if you have time, it is always better to use those with a more unctuous texture and containing, for example, shea or coconut.

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