Tribal and ethnic style is imposed on accessories and outfits

As happened in the past year, this 2013 re-dye the color and intensity of the trend tribal and ethnic for both days of heat to the coldest. The bright colors of tropical forests, natural materials, handmade fabrics and prints in various ranges of bright colors combined with brown, earth, beige and orange become the protagonists of women’s wardrobes more fashionistas.

Geographical barriers are broken and cultures mixed, achieving a unique combination of styles from different continents and flooding the fashion world with many proposals as varied. The mix of textures and patterns from the most remote places on the planet and create a unique setting that looks particularly glamorous in the most prestigious catwalks.

The designs on clothes and accessories for this year show that the artisanal and ethnic trend continues to be fashionable and is able to follow eclipsing the world with his magic and charm.

This year, the predominant colors are in contrast with bright cakes geometric designs tribal achieving a quite particular dynamic and eccentric

Stylists have implemented great fame in their new collections for 2013, various materials such as raffia, linen, organic cotton and wood, both in clothing and accessories in more diverse. This year, the predominant colors are in contrast with bright cakes geometric designs tribal achieving a quite particular dynamic and eccentric.

The prime example of this trend was undoubtedly the Africa Fashion Week. The African fashion week where the continent’s top designers showcased their designs to the world. In the event they were collections of all kinds, but mostly prevailed details like feathers and fringe, Indian textile pieces, leather, dyed and hand painted fabrics and fabrics native baobab tree fibers.

In the rest of the world also have joined this maelstrom craft, as in the case of Bershka is one of the signatures to prove it with his Spring-Summer 2013 styles full of various ethnic airs impregnated. The line has an interesting mix of fabrics, prints and asymmetrical lines unimaginable combinations of leather and chiffon.

Meanwhile the Italian company Benetton also part of tribal maelstrom. His new collection for the cold days of brand new year is filled with ethnic details in both its print patterns and plugins and the same clothes.

United Colors of Benetton has created a real tribute to the cultures of the world with a selection of accessories, clothing accessories and colorful combinations in fabrics and geometric designs.

These are just some examples of tribal and ethnic trend that will be this year, to be able to give you a better idea I let a complete photo gallery of beautiful designs. Enjoy it!