Trick to do squats properly avoiding injury

Many times we come to the gym and see both men and women doing some exercises we’d never seen. Today we will give you focus on a basic but very important tip when put to practice squats. This exercise is usually the one that most women fail in the execution, so we will help with a trick to greatly improve your technique.

Every year has its own execution, either to make our muscles grow more concentrated manner or to get every fiber contraction and increased resistance to the remarkable effort. Enough people believe that squats hurt your knees and back , which is not true and that we saw above. With the right technique and with the supervision of a fitness professional , we will not fear to injure us.

We went down to the position of squatting as low as you can each

The common mistake among practitioners of squats is to let the knees, going down, going beyond (further forward) to the tips of my toes. Without this ruling we could benefit from squats properly. This can not happen. To prevent this from happening, we must follow these steps in the execution time:

We will stand with a foot apart and a half feet more or less and the tips directed slightly outward. For amplitude snatch squat for each person, we practice next to a wall vertical jump and record us on video, as the perfect opening for a squat is one that has allowed us to jump higher in that vertical jump.

We went down to the position of squatting as low as you can each, always keeping your torso straight . For we can not go down too use a bank behind us and, as our ass touch the seat back up.

At this time we will take a look at our knees. If they are well ahead of the toes, we put the pelvis back and chest forward, keeping your shoulders in an intermediate term.

With this useful advice and properly practicing in the gym or in your own home with a broomstick, you can gradually improve the technique to spend later catch a barbell in the gym. If you manage not improve quickly, do not worry, because many people find it harder because of the lack of practice of sport and physical activity.