Tricks to rejuvenate the eyes with makeup in three steps

A gesture that should be complemented with mask of eyelashes
We always talk about the eyes being the mirror of the soul and that they are fundamental in the woman’s face. And, the truth is that it is true. In fact, their expression or the way they wear make-up say everything about a person, especially when they see it for the first time. In addition, the passage of years is noticeable right away in this area of ??the face. But there are a number of tricks that can rejuvenate the look. You only need three makeup tips to take off about 10 years on top.

Eye shadows

Over the years, we must choose well the tones of the shadows of eyes and, above all, avoid the excesses that add older than they actually have or appears.

It is best to use eye shades in ocher , peach or tile . In this way, you can highlight the color but in a very natural way.

A gesture that should be complemented with mask of eyelashes , but only with a light touch to emphasize and enliven the look. It is best to leave black or charcoal mascara and opt for brown tones .

Eye pencil

The black eyeliner or the eyeliner pencils in that same tone are not the best option when it comes to removing years to the look. However, this does not mean that you have to give up drawing and marking your eyes.

What you need to do is outline the eyelid in soft shades such as brown or gray . In addition, the stroke has to be done ascending to raise the eyelid and look up.

It is also important that the line is not very defined , being better to blur it to gain softness and make the face sweeter.


Although they are not strictly part of the eyes, the fact is that eyebrows are another focus of attention that you can not forget because they are essential to remove years .

The most advisable thing is that you wear them always well-groomed , but not excessively plucked. In fact, a few bushy eyebrows help to rejuvenate the expression.

In the case that you have less density for hair removal or because you have lost hair over the years, you can use specific products for the eyebrows as a brown profiler to review them. This way you will gain in density and you will recover the color.