Underwear can not miss you

As with the costumes, the makeup and perfume, the lingerie plays an important role in our image even though you can not see because it allows to highlight the attributes of the woman as well as cover other aspects not so pleased.


It is known that if the underwear is not appropriate, the garments can be seen losing charm and not sit so well as they should, so it is important that they have the basic essentials that will be useful for all occasions.

Underwear can not miss you

Bra and panty set of smooth beige

This type of garment is necessary for use under colored clothing such as white, yellow, raw, and so on. It is preferable that at least seamless panties are not marked for under clothing.

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This style can not miss you because you never know when you get to wear it. Of course, the model ensures that you feel dramatically unmarked-tighten the skin or else it loses the charm.


Set hot

If you want to dazzle your partner do not forget to have a hot set that can be a thong and garter corset with a baby doll with transparencies, soft cup bra with thong and garter belt, and many other varieties.

Choose the model according to your body style and color you like, it is important that you feel safe with what you wear if you want to seduce and become a femme fatale.


Sports complex

For days of gym is necessary to have a set preference spandex sports because besides being comfortable, absorbs moisture and allows it to be in contact with skin.



A strapless bra is necessary to wear under strapless garments it is important for this purpose because this type of support brings into silicone bands that prevent slips and falls, which is not true for common bras.