Underwear: Latest brand collection by Luisana Lopilato

Luisana and sensuality of the clothes

The last brand lingerie collection has been launched its new campaign with a resounding success recently. One reason for this success is not only the quality and variety of designs of their clothing inside but the new face of the brand: Luisana Lopilato. No wonder, this beautiful model is able to represent very well the style of Ultimate.

The campaign to be launched for Valentine’s Day has transcended the boundaries of the site and can already see an improvement. Luisana Lopilato much as the brand that represents your unique style and original.

Luisana and sensuality of the clothes

A style glamorous, sexy and well versatile, able to adapt to different styles of women have been able to impose Last. One of the characteristics of these garments is the soft lace that according Luisana add a sexy touch. Also, you can see that predominate lace, with rings soutiens and away from the tail thongs and less can be seen with Luisana panties covering all broad hips to the waist. Ideal for modeling the shape and reduce sizes.

The colors are sober and elegant, dominated by black, white, pastel pink and mint green, colors that look good on any skin. Last intends to seduce with the elegance and glamor.

Premium materials, comfortable and able to adjust to any type of figure, the lingerie brand last has managed to transcend national boundaries and reach into the closet of Latina women by imposing a European style but great cut and sensuality. Last collection is the most conclusive proof that there is no need to show everything to be sensual. The sensuality transmitted dresses and gestures.

The Last Campaign of the collection has been impressed by his big smash hit. The model Luisana Lopilato, wife of Michael Buble has made the brand’s sales rise nearly 40%. This is because many young people have felt identified with the style that conveys Luisana and sensuality of the clothes inside.

Thanks to the last mark, back has been the concept that there is a choice be co fashion and be sensual. Just look at the photos from the latest collection to find that comfort, practicality, sensuality and glamor go hand in hand and can be combined all together in one package.