Washing tips for beautiful hair with shampoo Conditioner
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Washing tips for beautiful hair

If your hair has been indomitable you might be doing something wrong when washing, look you in your cleaning routine hair and then integrates the following tips that we present today.

Washing tips for beautiful hair with shampoo Conditioner

Washing tips for beautiful hair with mild shampoo:

Try washing your hair only twice a week, and use a shampoo without sulfates, massage gently with your fingers in a circular motion. Avoid massaging your hair, do it only on the scalp and rinse well to avoid residue.

Change regulate shampoo botanicals, these are milder to the skin of the scalp and similarly cleaned, thereby avoiding the irritation of the skull.

Washing tips for beautiful hair with Conditioner:

It is important that a good scrub is followed by a hydrating, whose intensity depends on the condition of your hair.

This is a step that you should never forget, it is what ensures that the fibers retain moisture, reducing frizz and preventing hair loses vitality.

To get the most out of conditioner before you put out the excess water from your hair, if you want to moisturize your hair every day, so you just dilute some of your conditioner with water and store in a spray bottle, apply it every day when you go to comb.

With these easy tips will keep your hair clean and healthy.

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