What Should Not Be Missed In Your Wardrobe

Here are five items that must not miss in your wardrobe

Every woman’s wardrobe is the conception, all staff, the idea of fashion. Observing the wardrobe you can deduce the choice of style, color proposals that they love each other, trends that follow you. Many women claim that fashion should be simply observed and reinvented itself depending on your gender, just because certain trends may be at odds with their own tastes, the vast majority of men is uncertain.

But at this point, whether it is a fashion victim or one that is there by chance, there are a must for all time and for all women. In the first place there is, without any doubt, the classic black sheath dress, suitable for all occasions. Who has not ever wanted to have one like that of Audrey Hepburn in breakfast at Tiffany’s? Apparently, according to the British newspaper The Independent, 96% of women already have, a must since 1961 is legendary.

Here are five items that must not miss in your wardrobe

Second, there is the timeless trench from Burberry, or at least in Burberry style, extremely chic, was founded in 1901, as a leader for military use, but to make it famous in the female wardrobe is the seductive Greta Garbo, Malandrino in destiny, in 1928.

Among the leaders, not to be missed are the black blazer, absolutely practical for the day and glamour on a dress for the evening, in short, always up to date. The white shirt, in its simplicity, is part of the evergreen leaders list (it is said that Greta Garbo would have over 600).

Elegant and refined, the white shirt has been reinvented over the years becomes a symbol of femininity lived fully, as in years 60, when the pin-ups were knotted at the waist and low cut.

Finally, the fifth and final chapter, is certainly the suits, that Kingdom or broken, with the addition of the right accessories, it becomes practical and essential for a job interview, or sensual and chic for a dinner, the perfect combination of elegance and versatility.