What you do not know about Permanent hair straightening

Are you tired of spending your energy on ironing your hair every day before going to work? Or when you want to look different hair style at a party? If so, there is a solution: the smoothing of hair definitive.

As you can become permanent in a definitive way, you can straighten the hair permanently produce incredible results. The hair will be all day as if you had just ironing hair. What is the permanent hair straightening?

Permanent hair straightening advantages and disadvantages

This process also known as thermal ionic straightening takes about 4 hours. It is a process that makes the cuticle of the tip firmly sealed around the hair. Straightening lasts about 8 months.


Another type of permanent hair straightening is used keratin, also known as Brazilian straightening the hair is applied being activated by heat. Have to admit, however, that this is a chemical process of aggression more than a tincture so it is essential to follow the instructions in the barber during the days following hair straightening.


Some of the precautions to be taken to undergo a final hair straightening is not to wet the hair or exposed to moisture and not to use buckles or anything that you can dial in at least one full week. After this, you must continue taking care of the hair cream baths and hair masks.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of permanent hair straightening?

The advantages are that done in a proper and professional hair will be beautiful, shiny, silky texture and very soft. Not have to spend the plate every day for what will save you time, plus you’ll have the hair smoother if you will spend the plate.

Among the disadvantages: this process subjects hair to intense chemical agents such as a dye that may decrease the brightness and radiance to hair ultimately. Anything that decreases the danger is to realize smoothing by professional hairdresser and beauty known and highly recommended. This decreased significantly to bad consequences. Also, do not forget to follow each and every one of the instructions for these professionals give you the days after the smoothing.

Another disadvantage could be the price as it is a fairly expensive but worth it because you’ll be providing convenience and saving time, for a long time.