What’s next in fashion spring summer 2013

What's next in fashion spring summer 2013

The spring summer season begins mainly highlighted by the selection of soft tones and wearing simple and elegant lines. The variety of styles in clothes and colors combine perfectly together, giving us the chance to play and recreate various looks with few elements. This speaks of a harmony of styles, and you can supplement the stridency of the watery colors, day and night, geometric prints and stripes stripe, the flat cakes and animal print. Waisted dresses, dresses naif, and an air vintage transiting the 50s, 60s and 70s.

What's next in fashion spring summer 2013

Every year fashion collections are advertised to help highlight femininity. This summer 2013 is no exception to the rule, also adding the attribute of elegance to each of the items.

Textures and patterns for day and night

Pleats will be an unavoidable detail in the spring-summer 2013. Flattering as few pleats go well in skirts, dresses and blouses. Metallized fabrics can be seen in small accessories throughout the garment, and transparencies, lurex, yarn or crochet garments.

The style of the 50 will continue as sensual accessories like headbands, turbans, which give sophistication to any look. In parallel, naive as details round with lace collars, collars, or collars baby, living in a summer season that looks to the past with romanticism.

Garments inevitable

Well, even if one is not consuming all that appears in the windows, there are some essentials for this summer season really tempting. This is gabardine pants in pastel shades or watery. This model is in vogue hyper and acceptance by the public was massive. If you have not seen them, they are capri pants that look good with everything and carrying the banner of the colors of summer 2013.

What's next in fashion spring summer 2013

As for clothes, surely you will feel comfortable and you will look great with a dress floaty, empire waist or dress-bobo. These dresses, usually printed, recreate a flared silhouette and graceful, which undoubtedly will certainly contribute their share to sexy fashion spring and summer.

Pin-up and Stripe

Waisted dresses are no longer exclusive to the fans of Las Oreiro. The fashion pin-up expands this summer and many are encouraged to show off their tight outfits silhouettes. By the way, the dress photo of the mark is led by the Uruguayan actress and sister.

Meanwhile insist horizontal stripes from the previous season and gradually, in the spring-summer 2013 is going to win the affection of all.