Where to get laser hair removal by Soprano laser?

Before the laser soprano, the permanent hair removal presented some drawbacks and therefore many women could not have it done. Besides the feeling of discomfort in the treatment and failure to take the sun for months, was the fact that it was not effective or applicable in all skin types.

Where to get laser hair removal

Fortunately the Soprano laser is a new hair removal system that does not cause discomfort and is capable of removing any type of hair effectively, even in people with a phototype skin above the III. Soprano Laser hair removal was developed in Israel, a leading developer of technology medical aesthetics.

The Soprano laser is capable of removing unwanted hair through moving technology, this gradually heats the hair follicle located in the subdermal layer of the skin without causing pain or alterations in the dermis.

As the laser is in constant motion soprano is appropriate to treat much wider areas and their repetition frequency is 3 Hz, unlike the other laser which only reach a maximum of 2 Hz.

Another advantages of laser soprano is that it is suitable for all skin types, even the bronze. It is the only laser that can remove hair on dark skin without causing burns or stains and removes even the finest hair, not the gray.

Benefits of laser soprano:
The sessions do not cause discomfort and pain is not necessary to use
The results are long lasting
The sessions are less than 1 hour
There is no need for a recovery time
Effective on skin types and hair types
It can be applied anywhere in the body, even the most sensitive areas