Fashion trends: retro style women clothes and plus size dresses

retro style women clothes and plus size dresses

At first you might think that the retro fashion women clothes is ideal to wear at theme parties. However, with the popularity of vintage style and taking as its premise that “fashion always comes back” you can choose such plus size dresses to wear on any occasion. Today we will tell you why in the fashion trends is becoming the retro style.

retro style women clothes and plus size dresses

Although you know that it can take vintage items any time, specifically retro style dates back to the 60s and 70s, what characterized these dresses was the use of strong colors and patterns, where the floral and bacteria had a starring role.

Likewise, there-and-back to stores various types of models, depending on the occasion that you can serve for an output to a meeting informally elegant.

Retro Dresses: You can find many retro dress designs. To achieve this style is valid you look in the closet of your mom or your aunts. You can also visit shops where they sell used clothing or opt for new designs that resemble lines retro dresses.

Design with flowers: As we told you these dresses are characterized by large prints. Flowers are the main source of inspiration for a retro dress, to the day ensures that the background is clear dress and flowers have several contrasting colors, and at night you can not afford to use a dark dress with flowers bright colors.

To look good with this type of clothing is ideal to have a long knee.

clothing or opt for new designs that resemble lines retro dresses

Moles: If the prints speak the lunar fit with the retro style. This model is recognized for helping you to achieve a stylized figure (especially if your moles are small), to achieve the full look, combining the dress with shoes or hair ornaments that also have moles, including accessories and attachments.

Mini dresses: One of the great features of the dresses of the 70’s was long. The miniskirt was in fashion and dresses were not far behind, it only reached to mid-thigh (the most conservative). To look good in a mini dress, you should complement it with a big belt and high heels.

Empire Dress: This type of dress is very fashionable retro today. It is ideal for those who want to hide your curves somewhat. You can choose the model with loose or tight skirts.