Women Clothing for Special Events and Meetings

How to dress to impress in a business meeting, a special evening with friends or a romantic dinner, in any case, the aesthetic aspect has its importance and the first impression you won’t forget ever.

First of all, it should be stated that the rules to be followed vary according to the situation in which you are going to visit, to the physical and at the age of each. If you respect your bodies and your personalities you have already taken the first crucial step towards the preparation of look winning, because you will know exactly what to exploit, without the risk of appearing ridiculous or inadequate.

To deal with a job interview, for example, you all know that a candidate who is present in jeans and t-shirts used would not give a professional impression. In this case, to impress means focusing on the details, such as a pair of original shoes, a belt glamour or a purse by bright colors, both to present yourself for a job in a call center, as a waitress or in an office.

How to dress to impress in a business meeting, a special evening with friends or a romantic dinner

In any case, avoid the excesses and betting on a single booster accessory that emphasizes your personality. To impress on the job means giving the impression of being reliable and competent: a nail polish purple attracts the eye, if combined with a dark makeup, scares, for the women.

If instead you were to prepare for a tryst, the golden rule with men is always the same: the more sexy you will be the more you will attract attention. It is not just a gown itself but the attitude of knowing it and bring the match to know the suitable accessories. The first tip is to capitalize on the best part of your body: if you are poor in terms of bust but with beautiful legs, cover the top and find the bottom, or vice versa. Give preference to comfort rather than glamour.

If you feel uncomfortable in your dress super stretch risk of spending a night in hell and you will not give the best of yourself. Therefore do not be violent, and if you are also a sports wear nice pair of jeans, provided they are free of cuts, holes and stains, pairing but with a nice pair of shoes with high heels or a top of the plunging neckline (on the back, if you are flat as a board). Things to avoid: the tights in bright tones, men prefer the flesh-colored or black, at least, white.

The shapely curves will have to show, for example, wearing a silk blouse that enhances the breast without stressing too much from the waist to avoid the visible underwear: it is taken for granted and often uncomfortable with your partner, especially if you do not know.

You prefer a leather pencil skirt in knee-high, adhering to the belt (and the B-side): amazed without lapsing into the vernacular. For those who have a shape “ironing board” create the impression of being equipped at the right point, an effect that you can achieve with a blouse or jacket peplum cleverly fitting that string at the waist. Nice pair of skinny jeans members completes the outfit

Remember that if you wear a head in shade clear in the lower part of the body (skirt or pants) you will get a visual effect that will bring up the upper body focused smallest. Finally the situation in which you find yourself and think of a look that dead-lifts with everything else you have an appointment in a museum, library or office? Do not overdo the sexy attire, it would put in embarrassment, but rather aimed at bright colors that contrast with the surroundings you will see in a club after dinner.