Wrinkles on forehead: Treat with Natural Methods

The wrinkles on the forehead can be very annoying, so it is imperative to know how to eliminate them effectively with the help of valid and simple natural remedies.

The wrinkles that appear on the face are usually a definite sign of age, but not only, because wrinkles can appear at any age, even some people in their 20s to have and are often caused by facial expressions that are used more, here because, elegantly these “signs” are called expression lines.

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The wrinkles of the face appear more commonly in two ways:

  1. as vertical lines just above the nose or
  2. horizontal lines on the forehead.

These lines are mainly the result of a continuous muscle contraction and can become very deep with time.

Causes of forehead wrinkles:

  • strabismus
  • aging
  • worry
  • think
  • normal animation while talking
  • stress
  • express emotions
  • exposure to harmful UV rays of the sun
  • natural
  • poor nutrition
  • Rapid Weight Loss: you lose a lot of fat cells that support the face and lowers the skin
  • Smoking Cigarette: it accelerates the process of formation of wrinkles
  • deficiency of vitamin E, an antioxidant that plays a
  • Remove wrinkles from the forehead

There are ways to get rid of wrinkles:

Surgical lifting of the eyebrows:

It is an intervention that pulls the skin of the forehead so as to give a more youthful appearance. The tight skin smoothes the wrinkles on the forehead and reduces the sagging of the eyelids. You performed a large incision made just above the hairline at center of forehead or a series of small incisions made just above the hairline. Through the incision, the surgeon pulls the skin and removes excess skin. The possible complications are visible scarring and loss of sensation at the site of suture (which is usually temporary). Sometimes the results are not as successful as expected.


Injections of Botox (botulinum toxin) temporarily remove wrinkles on the forehead. The plastic surgeon will administer a local anesthetic to numb the face before injecting Botox into the muscles of the forehead. Botox relaxes the muscles of the forehead so that the wrinkles are less visible or disappear. The procedure must be repeated every three months. Complications include temporary redness, temporary lowering of the eyelids and transient paralysis of the muscles of the forehead.

The wrinkles that appear on the face are usually a definite sign of age


Dysport is another botulinum toxin that has been approved by the FDA for wrinkles in 2009. In 2006, clinical studies have shown that the Dysport is less effective in removing wrinkles Botox, although previous studies is that they are equal. It was noted that patients who have tried the Dysport reported more adverse reactions than patients who have tried the Botox.

Remodeling of the skin

The plastic surgeons are able to remove the upper layers of the skin to reduce or eliminate wrinkles. They use of chemicals for the removal of the skin, dermabrasion and laser. During the removal process of the skin, use of harsh acids to remove the top layers of the skin. During dermabrasion, the surgeon scrapes away the top layers of the skin. With the laser to reshape the skin, the surgeon uses the heat of a laser to remove the top layers of the skin. A local anesthetic is applied to the skin before these procedures to reduce pain. These processes leave the skin red, inflamed and sometimes with sores and scabs for up to three months. Once the skin heals, and is smooth with less wrinkles. Possible complications include infection of the skin, pain and scarring.


Tretinoin is a topical retinoid-based vitamin A which increases the speed with which the skin cells mutate, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Tretinoin increases sensitivity to the sun and therefore must be used with a sunscreen. The redness and irritation of the skin are also common at the beginning of treatment. Not every person experiences the results of tretinoin and those who experience them get a small reduction of wrinkles. The cream should be applied daily. Once stopping treatment, the wrinkles come back.