Yellow blush, new makeup trend on Instagram

The yellow color is a universal tone that is very flattering to any skin colorThe new makeup trend that is making a fuss on Instagram is the yellow blush . While most women continue to lean toward more traditional tones, more and more daring are encouraged to try unusual and carefree trends.

The truth is that properly applied yellow blush can have formidable and promising results for almost all types of complexions.

The blush is very important to create a beautiful makeup, and this trend shows that besides being an essential tool, if used with a little creativity can bring a great change to the image of a woman.

Rihanna was one of the first celebrities to cheer on this fashion, her make-up artist used the technique known as draping to apply the yellow blush during the Met Gala last year. Basically he contoured the face from the outer corner of the cheek and temple, as it was done in the seventies and eighties.

It should be noted that there is no yellow blush available in stores, so makeup artists use a good shade of eyes combined with other products. Many of them match the cheekbones with lipsticks or even colors that cause contrast like blue and red.

The yellow color is a universal tone that is very flattering to any skin color and makes the face radiate freshness and shine.

The good thing is that it is very easy to experiment with different colors of eyeshadow and lipstick, as demonstrated by the most popular Instagram beauty bloggers with bright and audacious makeup to die for. Let’s see!